Open Call!!! JAE Intro ICMAB 2020: Introduction to research grants for University students


The CSIC launches the JAE Intro ICMAB 2020 call “Introduction to Research Fellowships for University Students”This call is open to University students who are willing to begin working in the field of research in Materials Science, Phyiscs, Chemistry, Biology, Biomedicine and related areas in an attractive environment in a Severo Ochoa Excellence Center. The fellowships are for 5 consecutive months during the academic year 2020-2021. The application will be open from 1 September to 20 September 2020. 

Who can apply?

The call is for university students with an excellent academic record. Applicants should have an average grade equal or higher than 7.5/10. The fellowships are for university students who will start studying an Official University Master during 2020-2021 in the fields of Materials Science and Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biomedicine.

The objective is to initiate students in the research activity in the diverse scientific areas, and to enable them to be in contact with the ICMAB research center and its researchers. 

FunNanoSurf group offers 2 positions:

  • Design of 2D organic materials for sensing Applications (Dr. Núria Aliaga) We aim to achieve conjugated molecules that through design can expand creating 2D molecular-based films with luminescent, magnetic or electronic properties to be used as sensors. For that, we synthesize molecular units, based on curcuminoids, containing sets of functional groups that allow further reactions and coordination. The student will be trained in a sort of techniques (IR, EA, MALDI and NMR) and advanced ones (electrochemistry, fluorescence, XRD, TEM, SEM and AFM.
  • Preparación e inmovilización en superficies de (bio)polímeros supramoleculares (Dr. Arántzazu González) En este proyecto se quiere preparar nuevos polímeros supramoleculares basados en curcuminoides (CCMoid), que son derivados de la curcumina, y que pueden presentar grandes propiedades biomédicas pero que presentan poca solubilidad en agua, dificultando así su aplicación final. Así, se pretende que los nuevos polímeros supramoleculares sean solubles en agua y que permitan una la liberación controlada de los CCMoids. La formación de los ensamblajes supramoleculares se caracterizará utilizando técnicas como RMN y UV-Vis. La estructura final se caracterizará con SEM, TEM y AFM. More info: and

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